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Our Services

As well as our facility hire. Delsport UK offers a wide range of services to cater for all ages and genders. From children's holiday camps and sorts tours, all the way to business team bulding days. Each package can be 100% tailored to your needs.

School Facility Hire

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Our most established element of DELSPORT UK. To date we have contracts running with 4 schools across 3 different Multi Academies in the Worcestershire area. We aim to take all the hassle away from schools with additional lettings with the luxury of still bringing in vital funds to support the young people in their settings. As well as supporting the school, we pride ourselves on offering local communities available spaces to come together and express their talents in a number of ways. From a local football group to Science Astrology lessons, We look to cater for any event necessary. Supporting all of your needs to make your lettings experience as easy and relaxed as possible.

Multi Sport Holiday Courses

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Our most established element of DELSPORT UK. To date we have had over 250 children sign up to our multi-sports courses.


These courses normally run during school holidays and offer reliable and affordable childcare as well as a fun and friendly environment.


Sports such as dodgeball, football, tennis and cricket are played along with many other activities such as water games and shelter building.


We work closely with local schools and other organisations to ensure that all facilities are of the highest possible quality.


Children's Birthday Parties

Celebrating a birthday? Why not hire DELSPORT UK to run your party.


We will supervise children for the duration and set up games and activities to make the party fun and memorable. 


We offer the following packages:


  • Multi-Sport activity party

  • Sport Specific parties (Football/Dodgeball parties etc.)

  • Girls pamper parties (hair and make up parties etc.)

  • Bouncy Castle parties


Sport Specific Coaching

These courses concentrate on individual sports. The aim is to provide expert coaching from highly qualified people within their sport.


Whether you are a player wishing to develop quickly or an elite performer looking to reach your potential, we have a course for you. This can be on a 1 to 1 basis or a fully subscribed course.


Each course will complete with a personalised performance plan for each athlete.


These sessions are seen by many businesses as vitally important. They not only promote a healthy working environment but are proven to hugely boost staff morale.


We can offer standard team building sessions such as problem solving activities as well as a more specific program tailored to your business needs.


Furthermore we can offer ongoing events to ensure employees remain happy and stress free.

Team Building Sessions

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For all enquiries on any of our services, please simply fill out the section below and we will be sure to get back to you straight away.

Thanks for submitting!

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